Bisteak Tagalog by The Wholesome Table

We went to nearby Estancia Mall to find The Wholesome Table prides itself as a restaurant that serves comfort food by using organic ingredients. I tried this one breakfast item that seemed to be enticing enough.


From the looks of it, it was really enticing. This meal is consist of the following items:

  • breakfast salad – lettuce, onions, cherry tomatoes, orange balsamic vinaigrette
  • grass-fed beef tenderloin flavored with organic soy sauce and calamansi juice
  • free-range sunny side up eggs
  • garlic brown rice

Really sounds fancy, no?  The taste is really different from your normal type of cooking. It’s less salty and less greasy. It was a big meal and it should be because of the price.

One thing I had a problem with it is that the beef is a bit tough. Or is that just another quality of organic beef?

However, I am looking forward to trying some other items on their menu. If you want to see more of their menu, visit this site.



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