With the changes in the organizational structure of the bank, an executive asked me this question:

How are you doing now that the effective date of transfer is near?

It was then that I realized how I never bothered to think about the unnecessary feelings that comes with the change.

I quickly answered:

I really never thought about it because I have a lot on my plate right now.

Then, she answered back:

It’s just normal that someone of you’re caliber won’t worry where he’ll be put.

To be honest, I was thinking about it. I thought about it for a day. Then, it was just all work after that. I wanted to prove something. I wanted to say that whoever left this project is not necessarily needed.

But, I was also struck. Someone of my caliber? Me? What did I do?

Anyway, that was just a good way to end the workday. And, to be honest, it’s 9 PM and I’m still at work trying to finish this review of documents and start my collection of data.


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