How are you feeling?

After the previous week’s turn of events, this has been the recurring question by people who knew of the situation.

I actually don’t know. It’s a mix of the following stuff:

  1. Anger because your head leaves you in the middle of a very big project.
  2. Furious because how everything started and how you felt like you weren’t worth the truth.
  3. Relief because he’s not your boss anymore.
  4. Anxiety because you’d have to start over again in terms of relating to your colleagues and new boss.
  5. Hesitation because of the incidences with the big boss there.

This and a lot more. A whole lot more. So, it might be hard for me to describe my feelings in more detail.

I am just hoping that everything will turn out for the better. I am quite nervous about what will happen – a new administration, new workmates, new bosses. How will everything pan out for me? Will I be able to stand up to the challenge? Will I be even more demotivated?

All these and more will be answered come August 1. For now, let’s just let whatever is supposed to happen happen.


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