Finding Dory

Finding Dory.jpg

Thirteen years after finding Nemo, we go again into a deep sea adventure that is finding Dory. She was not really lost, it was just she needed to find her parents to feel like she had a home.

In the Nemo movie, Dory gave the comic relief from the otherwise depressing plot line of finding a lost son. However, in this movie, Dory stars and it was fun all movie long. Although it isn’t really right to make fun of someone with disability, they spun it around with Dory’s outgoing and quirky personality.

The movie, despite the inconsistencies with what Dory can remember, is a memorable piece of heartwarming art. It was surprisingly light (except for parts with the reunion) and enjoyable. Children who were able to catch Finding Nemo should definitely go watch this movie. It is also very suitable for the children of today, although they might not understand some stuff (based on the number of questions the child behind me asked).

So, if you had a crazy workweek, I definitely suggest that you watch the movie. It will definitely take all the stress away!


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