Seoul 2016: Day 3

It was still a bit of a gloomy morning in Seoul. We slept in for a while and then headed straight to Jamsil Station. It was my first time in this side of town. I remember Jamsil from the series Reply 1994 because of Chil Bong’s baseball games.

In the neighborhood of Jamsil, you will find the Seokchon Lake.


The lake is originally part of the Han River but a development project forced the lake to separate from the main river.


The Seokchon Lake also celebrates its own Cherry Blossom Festival. They have performers at different parts of the lake.



It was lunch time, too. So many office workers and students are having a picnic on the grounds near the lake.



There are two sides to Seokchon Lake. It is separated into two by the Songpadaero Freeway. On one side is a massive park; on the other, Lotte World.



The walk around the lake was made more special by the wind. It created an effect of cherry blossom petal rain. It would have been great to capture that moment.

Beside Seokchon Lake is a complex of Lotte buildings. This included Lotte Hotel, Lotte Department Store, and Lotte Duty Free. We went inside Duty Free but, alas, they do not allow photography on the high-end floors.

By high-end, we mean, Manolo Blahnik, Burberry, Bottega Veneta, and Hermes to name a few. I know that they’re all not on the same level; but, still.

On the basement floors, you’d find shops that are more accessible to the general public. These are H&M, Uniqlo, and Lotteria. We decided to buy stuff we can bring home at the department store. There are so many food items that I’d like to try.


I ended up buying 2 from this stack! Since it was also lunch time, we decided to eat at the department store. For just KRW8500, I had this rice meal with seafood toppings. And, as always, the serving is very generous.


After dinner, we continue with our KPop journey to Apgujeong Rodeo. One side of the street is dedicated to KPop. Most of the agency offices can be found alongside this road. It’s called K Star Road. There are Gangnam dolls which are bear (?) statues that represent the most relevant boy/girl groups in KPop world.




And, of course, EXO!


We tried to find some agency offices to look for merchandise. But, alas, we weren’t so lucky. We just found the SM Entertainment office which was hidden behind very large tarps. Then, we decided to just eat instead.

We made our way to Garosugil in Sinsadong. You’d feel the unique artistic vibe of the area.



We were here for only one thing. It’s Sulbing. Sulbing is a dessert cafe that offers the best bingsu ever!


I ordered a caramel coffee bingsu. It has a coffee flavored ice cream, coffee beans, cashew nuts, almonds, and other nuts that I cannot identify. It’s so delicious that I forgot that the weather outside is just 13 degrees!


After a quick snack, we went around Garosugil once more then made our way to the Seoul Bus Terminal Station. Since the sun hasn’t set, we decided to stay at Starbucks to warm ourselves. Then, we found the most beautiful Starbucks Reserve store – design-wise.


It is under a dome. The middle opens up to the mall below and the side is where the store is. There are seats that face the outside and the mall itself.

A little walk outside and near the National Library is the silkworm bridge.


It’s like a pedestrian pass that connects the hiking trail to the national library. It looks amazing but it would be better if all the lights were on. It’s built on higher ground so reaching it may be a bit of a problem for those with weak joints.

Actually, our main itinerary for the night is the Banpo Bridge.

During weekdays there shows at 8 PM, 8:30 PM, and 9 PM. If only I had a better camera, the scene would look lovely. I wished that they added music so that the show would be more enchanting. There were many people watching the show.

Actually, there was a group of friends who was trying to take a photo of them with the bridge. They wanted to ask me to take their photo; but, seeing that I am not a local asked the help of the person on their other side. Hey, you should practice your English!

Then, we rode a taxi to our dinner place tonight. We decided that one fine dining restaurant is good enough for the trip. We picked, SMT Seoul.



We just ate at the lower floors because the higher ones needed reservations. It was a good thing that they’re still open at around 9 PM. I ordered samgyeopsal which was a bit underwhelming because of the serving.

But the dessert was really good!


When we were done, it was freaking 8 degrees outside. I wouldn’t have complained if I had the right set of clothes. Then, we saw the JPY Building with a lot of fan girls waiting for their favorite boy group to appear. Oh, what a time to be in Seoul.

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