Seoul 2016: Day 0 and Day 1 (Part 1)

The moment I got to Seoul last year, I was enamored. I fell in love with it and I couldn’t help but think about going back there. So when the opportunity came, I booked tickets back to the motherland.

And after two months of waiting, we were on our way to the land we are dying to live in. Straight after work, we headed to the airport because we didn’t want to get left behind. Me and my colleague both believe in spending time at the airport instead of panicking whether we get there on time or not.


The Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 1 is the home for Jeju Air flights. We arrived an hour early before the check in counter opens. Then, we discovered the beauty of Korean efficiency.


Back then we booked Jeju Air with no idea about how it would go. But, we were pleasantly surprised about our experience. When they said that the counters will open at 8:40 PM, they will open at that time. With a little more than 7 counters. Queue management was not a problem. We had an easy time checking in; save for the problem with the printer of our boarding passes.

We went into the Duty Free shop, found dinner, then patiently waited for our flight to Seoul. 5 hours later, we were breathing the same air as EXO! The thing is, I forgot my coat in the office. So, I had nothing but a polo shirt on. Great! Then, it was just 7 degrees outside. I was chilled while we wait for Bus 6002 which will bring us to Hapjeong Station.


We alighted the bus at the Hapjeong Station bus stop then took the subway to our neighborhood in Gwangheungchang. Good thing, though that it’s just the start of the morning and there aren’t many people. To be fair, this part of Subway Line 6 doesn’t have a lot of people.

We went directly to our hotel to check in. There was one specific reason why we chose this hotel.



Our room is on the 8th floor and we got we wanted. A beautiful view of the Seogang Bridge and Yeouido. After cleaning off the dirt of yesterday, we went on our way. We rode the bus to Yeouido to see the Spring Flowers Festival.

It was my first time to see tulips in real life.


And what could be the most famous spring flower of all? Cherry blossoms.


Hundreds upon hundreds of cherry blossom trees line the lanes that surround the National Assembly Building.


It was such a pretty sight. Office workers who were taking a break were just walking alongside us. There were tons of tourists on vacation. Children were on their field trip. Too bad there weren’t a lot of events in the area. Had there been, it would be more festive.


There were dozens of items that looked like offering prayers. I particularly liked these ribbons tied to a long line of string. It was colorful and added to the festival atmosphere. I stopped for a moment and prayed too. My wish was that I could go back to Korea once every year.


In front of the National Assembly was the most special cherry blossom tree. I know that they looked alike. But, this one looked like it has perfectly white flowers. It could have been a more distinct way of saying the purity of proceedings going on in the building.


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