We’re in the middle of review of a lot risk assessments. A lot of strategies should be put in place in order to ensure that when struck by a threat, it wouldn’t have a big impact to the organization – financially and operationally.

Accountability is more important than responsibility.

Accountability is being answerable to your actions. Responsibility, on the other hand, is a duty or obligation to perform a task.

You can be fully responsible for something but will not be held accountable for it. In the world today, most people delegate responsibility to avoid accountability. The corporate hierarchy is a lot like that. Some bosses fail to acknowledge that they are, still, ultimately, accountable for their people’s actions.

Not just in work, but in life too. We try to pass on the blame. We try to avoid being liable for what happened. Most of the time, we find excuses and reasons to not put ourselves on the spot.

But, who is more admirable? The people who take into their hands the flow of their life? Or those who just does what is asked of him to do?


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