Masuki Mami House

Masuki Mami House

Along the less prominent streets of Chinatown is a gem that’s been perfected since 1930. Masuki Mami House has been standing on Benavidez Street for almost 86 years now. They’ve been featured in various TV shows and print articles.

We were both afraid to order one bowl each because we might not finish our bowls. So, we decided to order one special original mami and asked for it to be served for two.

Masuki Mami House

The waiter must have had fun giving us this amount of chopped spring onions. We were also given, each, a bowl of asado sauce which will give the broth its taste. In short, we were in charge how our mami will taste like. Other than those two, other available condiments and seasoning are white pepper, soy sauce, and fish sauce.

Masuki Mami House

The egg noodles we cooked beautifully. You get a lot of chew in one chopsticks-full. But, it’s also a bit heavy when it comes to filling your stomach. The store is also generous with their protein.

If I were not eating the whole day, I could have consumed a whole bowl for myself. However, I am really not a fan of sweet and savory food. I’d rather have it salty so I poured a really large amount of fish sauce.





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