Chinatown Food Trip


Binondo, a district in the city of Manila, is also referred to as Chinatown. This is also the oldest Chinatown in the whole world. It was established in 1594 just across the Spanish settlement in Intramuros.

We started from Recto Station of LRT 2 and walked our way to Binondo. Our first stop was Shanghai Fried Siopao. For PHP 18, you get a piece of siopao with crispy skin and delicious filling. It was just an appetizer for a day that’s bound to be awesome.


These are the lucky ones included in our list:

Follow the links for more information on the places we’ve been to.


A trip to this place is another adventure on its own. There are lots to see – family-owned businesses, jewelry shops, fruit stands, weird and rare plants, and a lot of people. Saturday seemed like a normal business day because traffic was a bit of a problem.

So, if you’re feeling your Chinese side of things, drop by and enjoy.



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