Stand up, eight.

Two weeks ago, we played with a batch that is 7 years younger than us. Definitely, agility and freshness is on their side. They are probably in a better shape than most of us. It is tagged as one of the best games for the season because they really are a force to contend with.

We played them 3 sets in a losing effort. It was our first loss of the season.

And the worst part is, it was my worst performance too. Attacks were soaring outside. Reception was all over the place. Blocking was almost non-existent. Services couldn’t cross the net.

Disappointing was not the correct word for it. It was dismal. Dreary. Upsetting. Depressing. And other what-have-yous.

Today is the last day of eliminations. I want to bounce back from the forgettable performance. We were battling against our nemesis for last season’s finals. They are 6 years younger and, probably, another team that is more agile than us.

To make the story short, I did. I resurrected from the dead with timely hard hits and drops. What I could improve on is reception and consistency in service.

Everyone was happy. We won. We ended the eliminations in first place and have a twice to beat advantage going into the semis. It was not only me who performed well, everyone delivered.

We all delivered when it mattered the most.


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