Almost Part II

I have an appointment with the Department of Foreign Affairs today. I have to renew my passport so that I may be able to apply for a visa for our South Korea trip this April.

However, when I arrived at the office, I realized that I forgot my passport at home. After a short meeting with the boss, I called the office and asked if I could just request for a validity extension. They said no. I asked if I could just go to the office another day despite my schedule today. They said no. They said that the next available schedule will be on April.

That wouldn’t work because I have to apply for a visa first before flying out. I had no other choice but to get my passport at home. That was already 8:45 AM. My schedule is at 10 AM.

Thank you Uber, I was easily able to hail a cab home. It didn’t take a long time. I immediately grabbed my passport and hailed another Uber back to MegaMall. Traffic was heavy and the driver tried to go through the smaller roads instead of the tried and tested way to the office.

I arrived at the office at around 10:40 AM and happy that they are still able to accommodate me. The whole process took around 1 hour and 30 minutes. And PHP 1200 after, I was able to finish the process. I will just have to go back on the week of February 23 to claim my renewed passport.


If not for this, my friend would go on a solo trip to South Korea this April and I would have spent airfare for nothing.


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