I was on my way to board a trike when I was looking for my phone inside my bag. I panicked. Is it the time of the year already? For the past three years, I have been a victim of a curse – that is, I lose my phone between March and April. First, it was the Blackberry Z10. Then, my Sony Xperia Z1. Now, a Samsung S6.

It couldn’t be. It isn’t the time.

I called my own phone using my work phone. It was ringing. If this was stolen, it would have been turned off by now. I vividly remember me holding it. I put my wallet inside my bag and I’m holding it as I doze off to sleep. I might have dropped it as I was sleeping.

Still ringing. A couple of attempts later, a woman answered. She asked if I was the one who alighted in Meralco and requested me to pick up the phone from their house.

I followed the instructions until I was able to get back my phone.

I am dumbfounded. I am slightly overwhelmed because I was on the verge of a three-peat. And it would be the worst timing.

I am just happy that there are still people in the world who don’t take advantage of other people’s misfortunes. I am truly grateful that she was able to keep the phone and give me instructions on how to claim it.

Almost. I really hope I can break the curse this year.


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