Low Risk

We were in the middle of a meeting to establish a standard risk assessment template for the company. Then, someone muttered this statement:

What may be low risk now may not be low risk forever.

Then, it got me to thinking. I was actually thinking a lot lately because of the Adele gloom. It was really true. Notwithstanding the risk management framework, there’s the real life analogy of these things.

Most of us find the kind of lifestyle that is comfortable. And, along with this comfort is the natural tendency to be complacent. Things that come to us naturally are not necessarily given much attention. And at the end of the day, those that we think are easy are taken for granted. We don’t provide enough controls that we ensure that they will stay with us.

Those are the risk we are blinded by. Complacency and comfort. Two risks that have strong impact but aren’t easily detected; thus, we give them a lower probability of occurrence. But, in the true essence of such words, they’re just waiting for the right time that we aren’t applying our controls and then they’ll wreck their havoc.


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