New Year’s Celebration

Initially, we wanted to spend in Pansol. However, some resort owners became very greedy and unfairly increased their prices knowing that it’s the holidays.

Then, enter my brother-in-law’s sibling. He offered us his rest house in the plains of San Jose, Nueva Ecija.

On the 30th, we woke up early to ride the buses going to San Jose. Lo and behold, this was our home for a few days.


I’m loving the modern setting in a rural environment. How rural is it? There are goats looking for grass to graze on.


And this lovely sunset on our first day.


On the eve of the new year, we heard mass at the town’s main church, St. Joseph the Worker Parish. It’s also the seat of the archdiocese. We were so blessed for the archbishop to be celebrating the mass for us.


The important thing too, was that we are far away from the main town that we don’t fear inhaling smoke. But, we’re near enough to see the fireworks light up the sky.

Also, we had our own. Just the one fountain and a handful of those small rockets.



And on our last vacation day, January 2nd, we decided to go to a day tour of the nearby town of Baler. It was also my father’s birthday so it’s a bit special.


Views are awesome but you’ll see the remnants of the damages done by Typhoon Nona.


I have a thing for mountain views so this is paradise for me.

Baler is a small town in the province of Aurora. It was a 2 hour drive from San Jose. And the forecast for the day is rainy.


We were able to go to the museum and house of Aurora Aragon Quezon which are just around the municipal square.


However, I went to Baler with an intent to surf again. I have been there last 2013 and I enjoyed my first experience with a surf board. However, the weather was not permitting. It was too windy and the rain was heavy. Even instructors won’t allow potential students to enroll.

In the end, we just had lunch in one of the resorts and walked along the shores. I, on the other hand, was desperately looking at the sea. I really wished that it was sunny.


We returned to our house, prepared dinner, packed our things, and went to the bus terminal.

It was a vacation that’s different from any other. One, there’s the gift of family. Two, we didn’t really have family vacations as a child. Going out of town for special occasions and holidays are rarely done.

It’s definitely a good start to the year and I hope that it gives me enough motivation to last another year!


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