Welcome 2016!

And so it has come to this. Welcome 2016!

But, before everything else, may we give a short memorial to what transpired in 2015.

2015, if I remember it correctly, was a year that is hard to overtake. It is a year of heartbreaks, opportunities, goals, obstacles, friendship, and love.

2015 helped me determine where I want to go in life. What type of career I’d be pursuing and what I should do in order to stay on track. Work was a bit more defined and the expectations are all laid out. We have project that is on the way. I hope to do well in this project because it could be life-, career-, and confidence-changing.

2015 helped me determine who my real friends are. It has been a year of highs and lows – that helped determine who will be there for you in times of trouble; rather, who’d be causing trouble with you.

2015 was a year of discovery. I spent my money on travel to new places – Seoul, Busan, Anawangin, Singapore, Ilocos Norte, Ilocos Sur, San Jose. It was not about going places but learning the lives of people outside of my circle. It was also a discovery about myself – how to be comfortable in my own skin, what motivates me.

2015 was awesome! In Korean vernacular, daebak! I couldn’t have spent it better than I did. What I could do is make 2016 an even better one!

I hope it’s one for you too.


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