CDO White Water Rafting


No trip to Cagayan de Oro will be complete without a white water rafting adventure.


We took the services of Bugsay Rafting (through Yuri, +639173284729) and availed the lower section course. The lower section is also called the beginner’s course, has 12 rapids, and has a total length of 14 kilometers. The lower section covers 2.5 – 3 hours depending on the level of the water.

To the left of the river is Misamis Oriental. To the right, it’s Bukidnon. The Cagayan de Oro River is the natural boundary between the two provinces.


It may seem daunting at first but don’t worry. There will be an orientation in the beginning and they’ll tell you the important parts of the adventure – how to hold the paddle, where to sit, how not to fall, what not to do.


It’s up to your boat if you want to make the trip enjoyable. After the first rapid, you wouldn’t think that it’s daunting at all. Well, that’s dependent on your sense of adventure.


In the still (and very deep) parts of the river, you will be allowed to swim. You need not swim because there’s still a current that’s bringing you downstream.


There will be times when you will really be tested. If you think you’ve had enough experience with rapids, one comes along that isn’t like any other.

The adventure is fun. If you’re into sports and nature, white water rafting is definitely an experience you should try. The water is cool and the guides are very helpful.


When I come back, I will definitely do one more round of this! I’m just hoping that I could experience this with a lot more friends.


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