Camiguin Day Tour

Technically, it was a half day tour.

Upon arrival at Benoni Port, our driver for the day Cris (+639268576620, if ever you want to employ him) to us to our first order of business, lunch!


J&A Fishpen is located in Mahinog, Camiguin. It’s a very short ride from Benoni Port. What makes this place special is you will have the chance to catch your own meal.


Food is definitely fresh and service is not bad at all. Prepare to have your mouth washed with gingery taste but it is definitely delicious. After a whole morning of traveling, a place like this could really soothe the senses.


We ordered a bowl of sinigang, gambas-style prawns, and pork sisig (not in photo). What struck me most is that it’s cheap! You won’t get this much food for the same price in Manila!


Our next stop was Katibawasan Falls. Katibawasan Falls is found in the town of Mambajao, Camiguin. Camiguin has one circumferential highway so following that road will allow you to circle the island.

It’s hidden on the mountains / volcanoes in the middle of the island. It’s really tall and has really cold water. We didn’t swim because the pool is too shallow and you’re not allowed to go to the deeper parts of the pool.

Entrance is cheap at PHP 35.


Around that area, I found my first Camiguin love, kiping. Kiping is made from cassava flour and then smothered with a lot of coconut jam. It isn’t as brittle as it looks and it is very filling!

One shell costs PHP 10.


It was getting a bit late but we stopped to enjoy this view. Camiguin countryside is very beautiful. It relaxes you because of the natural air, cool weather, and non-existent pollution.

There were other stops along the way but we didn’t stay that long. Our last stop was the Sunken Cemetery that is in Catarman, Camiguin.


To get to the Sunken Cemetery, you have to employ boatmen that will bring you to the cross. The price for it is PHP 100 per boat which accommodates at most 6 passengers.

It was really windy at that time so it was a bit scary especially that it’s starting to get dark, the water is a bit deep, and we don’t have life vests on.


The Sunken Cemetery is a real life cemetery. It was once above the ground but was pushed to the sea when the island gave birth to Mount Vulcan. If conditions were better, they will let us snorkel and see the existing tombstones under the ocean.

To end the day, and to collect the key for our house, we had dinner at Checkpoint Bar.


To be frank, Camiguin food does not disappoint at all. Their main strength is seafood because of their lifestyle and resources. Prices are definitely cheaper than their counterparts in Manila.

We had seafood curry, chicken and pork adobo, and lechong kawali. The seafood dish had one big crab, a lot shellfish, prawns, fish, and squid. That’s good for three people and costs PHP 300. There can be no deal better than that.

We went home to the Turtle Beach Cottage. It’s a house just in front of the ocean. I had a rocking chair that moves to the tune of the waves and the wind is singing me a lullaby. Life could not get better than that.


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