It is one of the anticipated games. The teams currently ranked 1 and 2 are about to go at it. We train for it because we are competitive.

Then, one of the worst things happened. I sprained an ankle. One player crossed the center line and I landed on his foot. I was fearful for myself in that moment. I need to play tomorrow.

I shook it off. I tried to walk it. I ran to make it more stable. And once the pain stopped, I returned back to court. I need to make it feel normal. There was no initial swelling so I was a bit relieved.

When I got home, I prepared for bed, took out a big slab of meet and tied it to my ankle. Ice is nowhere to be found and I had to make do with cold cuts.

I woke up the next day with a wet pillow near my feet. I tried to feel if there’s still pain. I tried getting up and walking it off. It felt like nothing ever happened.

The match started. Most people are nervous and the No. 1 team surged ahead. 6 points was the lead. The score was 19-13 and we had our own run. With their every point, we countered with 3 or 4 of our own until it was 24-24. A couple of exchanges later, we emerged with a 28-26 first set victory.

Another set of people came in for the next set and they’re having an easier time than us. The coach asked me to prepare myself and he inserted me into the game at 18-14 with us leading. I only had one instruction from him. Finish the game for us.

As expected, most of the sets came to me and I delivered. It also helped that the other team was adding points off their own errors.

Then, this happened.

The final point that says we’re ending up first in the standings. The point that doesn’t show I have an injured ankle. The point that denied their team a sweep of the eliminations.

Now, I am back home and my ankle buckled under so much weight. I am icing it right now to prevent any swelling.

But, if worst comes to worst and it won’t be okay by the next week, I will still train and play. I won’t back down from a fight especially when there’s pride at stake.


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