One thing that’s keeping me happy lately is this tournament.

Our high school is conducting an inter-batch tournament that features graduates as young as 2011. The oldest is batch 1986. Teams are divided into two divisions, Division I (1986-1999) and Division II (2000-2011).

I am a very quiet student way back in high school. I was not active in events. I was not even friendly. All I did was study and go home. Of course, there’s the occasional hang out with friends but that didn’t take up most of my time.

In short, I couldn’t consider high school as the best time of my life.

Now, I have an avenue to bond with them. 10 years after graduation, we meet again and I now have something to share with them – volleyball.

I must tell you, I was minute in high school. I stood 5’2, at the most, compared to my 5’10 today. I wasn’t even a volleyball enthusiast then because my sport is swimming.

I found this favorable because I am afraid that I might grow up with very little connections. Yes, I know them but I couldn’t really consider them as friends because we didn’t have much interpersonal connections.

In the end of this, I am looking forward to a bigger circle surrounded by people I love and people who appreciate me.


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