The Ross Analogy

I am a big fan of the show Friends. I think it’s very ideal and makes you want to wish you had friends like each one of them.

Each one of them except Ross. As I was able to marathon the whole series one after the other, I realized how much I hated (okay, hated is such a strong word) or despised Ross.

Remember the episode where Ross and Rachel got together and ruined it by the presence of the list?

Here is what Rachel thought of Ross as an answer to the latter’s request:

  • He’s whiny
  • He’s obsessive
  • He’s insecure
  • He’s gutless
  • He just doesn’t ever seize the day
  • He wears too much gel in his hair

And then I realized, save for being whiny and using too much gel, I am those things.

The reason why I disliked Ross because he possessed the weaknesses I wish I never had.

I am obsessive, insecure, gutless, and don’t ever seize the day. I found myself being him and I wish I could change all that.

Removing all that, Ross is basically a good guy, father, and friend – which I am also, save for being a father.

I just wish I am able to realize this sooner. And I wish I could be Phoebe instead.


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