Survivor Hits

There was a threat of rain and we continued still.

Arriving at Agnaem Cove was indeed a surreal experience. I have been a fan of reality TV shows and that includes Survivor. Once I realized that I was there, I immediately went on Survivor mode with a little handicap. I have a tent. I have food. I have lighter.

What do Survivor players do first when they get to their camp / beach, they build shelter. That’s what I did – put up our tents. It was easy because I already practiced it at home.

While I was doing the shelter, my friends were trying to get a fire going. We had to grill pieces of pork for lunch. It took them a rather long amount of time before they were able to get a flame. But, it was all worth it because we were able to eat.

We also gathered firewood for the night’s bonfire. We found a lot of items such as dried leaves and vines. There were also bamboo poles and pieces of wood. We prepared it early so we will just try to set it on fire when the night comes.

That night, there was rain. The water entered the tents and we cleaned it up. We were drenched and decided to wait until the rain stops. It was a real Survivor moment. It was cold. It was dark and there were lightning and thunder.

I didn’t have enough sleep that night even if we were inside the tents. The hours seemed long and we couldn’t wait until the sun was up.

It was definitely an experience. If someone will ask me to do it again, I would. It was stressful and exhausting but it was fun.

The Survivor flame in me was ablaze. It is definitely a vacation worth remembering.


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