Why me?

Most of the time we ask this question. This stems from the fact that we have a lot of insecurities and that we aren’t worthy enough of the recognition.

Just this month, I was asked by a dear friend to host her wedding’s reception. Me having stage fright was initially startled. I wanted to beg off the job and would just want to attend the wedding as a normal guest.

However, it got me thinking that it was my friend’s special day. What kind of friend would let her down on that day? So, I picked up my courage and said yes.

Making the best out of the moment will probably be the best thing to do. Upon meeting her last week, she said that she wanted the hosts to be close to her so that there will be a more fun and light environment. 

It was touching. It was encouraging. And I also have an opportunity to be more open to people and lose this stage fright. Who knows, I might make a careerout of this in the future?


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