New Adventures

I have always been kept inside my own shell, in my own world. I rarely go out except when needed to or when I really have the drive to.

The thing is, I hate going out of my way just to experience things. Especially when they’re not as extraordinary as skydiving or parasailing

On the other side of the fence, I have always wondered why I seem to be isolated from others. Why I tend to be tagged as a snob. I couldn’t blame them. I am cliquish. I am a bit of an elitist. And I don’t really exude a friendly aura.

And so, here’s the challenge – say yes to new adventures. I define adventures as things that are normal enough but will bring me great hesitation to pursue.

To enhance the quality of life, I’ve decided to do things that give me great fear like meeting and socializing with new people.

I’m going to be a YES man and we’ll see what changes will come.


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