Down the Middle

I don’t know what seems to be happening to my right wing spiker position. That was supposed to be my comfort zone. That was supposed to be my money maker. However, the past few games doesn’t look like it.

It’s just sad. I may have forgot the mechanics of hitting from the right side. Ever since I have been the tallest in my volleyball group, I play middle blocker which is a totally different position from what I’m used to playing. I should be faster and should think faster.

I may have lost the touch or I am not too comfortable with my setters. However, I may have acquired the skills of being a middle blocker. Tonight, during our game, I did produce a lot of points when I was in the position. As opposed to the rest of the night when I was a wing spiker.

I do hope that I get to practice soon. And I am expecting it to be soon because I got news that the company team will be back in practice because we’re joining a bigger league this year.

Here’s to hoping for new shoes and a new bag!

And, a hope that I will be back as a wing spiker.


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