Here I am slumped on my bedroom floor – all tired and sweaty. I have been moving my muscles since 9 in the evening and it is only now that I have finished.

3 sets of 8 counts is sure a lot of work.

I didn’t know what I started loving dance. But, as I remembered during college, I presented myself to be part of the organization’s competing dance team. And I have been there for all of my college life.

Then, one day, in 2015, a boss came to me and asked if I could choreograph a dance for one of the corporate events where executives will come watch.

I was astounded and overwhelmed – not because I was asked to do it but by who asked me to do it. I know of this boss and she never settles for anything below the standard. To be personally invited by her speaks volumes of how she perceives my skills. So, I was glad (but with hesitation) to do it.

I clearly don’t have much skills in choreography but I am using all of my dance experience to create a dance routine that isn’t too hard but doesn’t look easy, too.

Not only is this enhancing my skills, I am also being removed from my comfort zone. Being an introvert, it is a challenge for me to open up to people who are new to me. And these people I’m working with are very new acquaintances (except for one).

I’m looking forward to what happens next and what more challenges this year will bring me. Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of things I didn’t think I could do or I was too afraid to do.

The question is, what am I going to do next?


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