Performance Appraisal

It’s a new year and it is also time to evaluate our performance for the previous year.

Last week, my boss scheduled our one-on-one sessions to talk about how we fared in 2013. He asked me about my top project from the previous year. If this was the start of 2013, I would have a hard time stating any project that I did because, honestly, I don’t look at them as projects. They were just requests from people who had a lot on their plate and needed to get things done.

Anyway, I said that I was happy with my performance in 2014. I also made him feel that I deserved a nomination for promotion because I took initiative and I really did projects. I also said that I was more active in doing my projects because I did more than what was asked of me.

He asked me if there were regrets or stuff that I could have done. I answered honestly that I could always be more proactive or more engaged. I am really shy and I rarely ask for help or clarification. Building rapport and relationships with the people is one way of breaking down my wall so I can create a more collaborative atmosphere in my projects.

I hope he understood what I wanted to say. I hope I can get a better rating and I get considered for a promotion. If not, I can always do better this year.


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