Il Mare

Il Mare, 시윌애, is one of the classics in South Korean cinema. It is a time-travel romantic novel that is the basis of The Lake House which starred Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves. Il Mare is the name of the house by the sea where the protagonists Eun-joo and Seung-yoon both lived.

There is something about South Korean drama that captures me. They have a lot of raw emotion to give out and it makes you invested in the characters that they portray. Their story-telling is also so credible that you cannot help but root for the characters and their development.

The same is true with this movie. I have not seen The Lake House so, I guess, it came to my advantage. I am enamored by both the characters and I wanted them to end up together. That, combined with the accident scene, brought tears to my eyes and my heart broken. Little did I know what was waiting for me in the end, I got a lot more tears than I bargained for!

I am looking forward to watching the Hollywood version but this movie has made a mark in my heart. And it is definitely one of the best ones I’ve watched.


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