The Thieves

The Thieves, 도둑들,  is a South Korean heist film that features an all-star cast. It is filmed in Seoul, Busan, Hong Kong, and Macau. A group of South Korean thieves team up with a team form Hong Kong to steal a diamond safely hidden in a casino in Macau.

It is comparable to Ocean’s Eleven. And, I must admit that I love that movie. However, this film is a lot more complex than that. There are a lot of complications when thieves deal with other thieves. And you’d expect that they have a differing agenda and that they would look after their own selves.

A thief helping a thief is definitely not normal procedures. But, you also have to deal with a cop playing a thief’s role and a lot more hidden plans that makes the job a little more complex. Other than that, the characters’ emotions play a very important role when it comes to executing and planning the job.

I loved the movie. It was action-packed, comedic at times, and a bit more realistic. I was also introduced to the culture difference between the Chinese and the Koreans and what they have in between them.



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