The Interview

The Interview is probably one of the most controversial movies of the year 2014 especially because it tackles a story that points to a whole nation. It is the story of a television show host, Dave Skylark, who gets to interview Kim Jong Un who, apparently, is a great fan of the show.

It was a mission of establishing themselves – Skylar and his producer, Aaron Rappaport, as real journalists. However, the CIA steps in and assigns them a task of assassinating the dictator.

It was just a funny movie doing funny stuff. However, if you’re North Korean, you might feel a little more offended that you might be. It portrays the country in its very stereotype and I am a bit surprised that they did a movie like this amidst all the controversies surrounding the nation.

However, if you’re just in for some laughs and craziness, The Interview could bring you what you’re looking for. Especially the part with Katy Perry’s Firework.

I must say, these North Koreans have good English speaking skills.



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