English Only, Please

The movie is a story about Tere who is an English tutor and Julian, her student. Julian wants a letter to be translated in Tagalog so that he can say it to the face of his ex-girlfriend. You’d expect that Tere and Julian will end up together. But how?

After spending so much time together, it is no wonder that they’d discover how wonderful each other are. But that doesn’t seem apparent at first. I think, the turning point of the relationship is when Tere asked for Julian’s help when she was abandoned by her boyfriend at a local motel. This is when Julian realized that he’s not the only one dealing with problems of the heart. This is where Julian was able to see that despite being a Filipina, Tere was also a victim of being left alone.

I believed that win by Jennylyn Mercado and Derek Ramsay. They do make a rather unorthodox couple but it worked. Maybe, it was a strategy that they picked people who don’t normally look good together but could play the part well. The acting was smooth and effortless. The lines too weren’t the normal cheesy and stereotypical lines you’d find in a romantic comedy. It was conversational and vernacular so it was relatable.

And that was one of the strongest points of the film. Although we haven’t been in the same situation, we’ve felt the same feelings over and over again. We’ve convinced ourselves that we aren’t foolish, we just know how to love. That’s what’s funny about it, too. We make fun of how the characters emote to their broken hearts but, deep inside, we’ve all done that. The good thing, too, about it being funny is that there’s no dead air. The lines were inserted marvelously and the jokes were spot on. It was heartbreaking as it was embarrassing. It ridicules us at our lowest moments.

This is a refreshing take to Philippine cinema. It wasn’t a big breakthrough but it relieved us from the usual, boring stuff. It was a breath of fresh air from the monotony that is Vic Sotto or Vice Ganda. It is something that we could appreciate because it is something that we’ve been through.

It definitely deserved the applause it received from the audience.


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