The Theory of Everything

That’s what Stephen Hawking was trying create in this biopic featuring his life with his wife Jane Wilde Hawking.

Stephen started out as our usual geek, awkward and shy. But, unlike every other geek portrayed on film, it wasn’t hard for him to find a girl. His awkward charm may have helped him get Jane – who is also interested in him in the first place.

It was really hard to watch them but as Jane realized, she is stronger than what everybody thinks of her especially when they realized that Stephen has ALS and only have two years to live. It was a story of a troubled relationship. It may seem so that the relationship is doomed from the beginning but, I guess, love was such an important thing back then.

Eddie Redmayne’s portrayal was beautiful. He transformed into something that we didn’t know we’ll be seeing and it was as honest as it could be. We saw the struggle but we also saw a side of Stephen Hawking that we don’t usually see. Felicity Jones’, on the other hand, was so heartbreaking. You’d see the sacrifices and the trials. You will also see how she really tried her best but it wasn’t what she expected it to be.

It definitely opened me to a lot more perspective when it comes to Stephen Hawking and it is probably one of the most enjoyable biopics I’ve ever watched, next to The Iron Lady.


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