A Year-End Post

It’s true. 2014 will soon come to an end. In 44 minutes, to be exact. And yet, in that 44 minutes all of this year’s experiences will be given due credit.

I’m very happy with how things turned out in 2014. While it is true that I had my first major heartbreak, it was definitely not the one that will destroy my spirit. The spirit that believes that things do happen for a purpose and that purpose will soon reveal itself.

As years go by we become better people, we become better adapters to this thing that we call life. And we do it because we learn from all the heartache and obstacles that we face. We usually say that we look forward to the next year beating the current one. We soon learn that nothing beats positive thoughts and claiming the things we know we deserve.

We also make up resolutions for the better us. Some come to fruition and some just become sheets of paper put aside for the next year. I too had my resolutions but some higher power wanted things to go otherwise. We all try to take different routes to where we should be but sometimes, they also lead to the road where we were supposed to go. That’s the magic of life.

I’ve learned in the past year that friendships don’t just die. They wait for you until you’re ready to be reunited. If they’re not there when you’re ready, they’re not you’re real friends. I found the magic of friendship when I was in my deepest moments. True enough, they delivered. They were there when I needed them and they understood.

Also, I have learned more about a family that supports you and is there for you. Rekindling our own flame during the holidays was the best thing I could ask for this Christmas. When everything seemed to be lost, I was found. When I thought that I only had my friends to lean on to, I found my family.

I had a lot of adventures in 2014. And they will continue on to next year. Actually, the very first items on my planners are regarding my trips to Korea and Singapore. So, that’s already 1 goal reached for next year. But, not only that, I am also looking at financial goals for me. That means I should also be financially responsible.

I can’t quite say the excitement I have for 2015 – for career, travel, finance, love life, and living life in general. I look forward to all the opportunities I will be given and I look forward to weighing all the options I have at the palm of my hands. There will be no room for negativity in 2015 and all that’s weighing me down will be left when midnight strikes 12.

I look forward to year full of meaningful decisions and moments that will be etched in my memory. I look forward to topping the 2014 that I had.

I look forward to a year with you.



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