Holidays in Baguio: Ma’s Birthday

We left for Baguio at 7 PM on December 22. I was happy that Victory Liner (always the first choice for Manila – Baguio trips) was on time. They have buses going to Baguio every 30 minutes and they were on schedule.

Happy birthday Ma! Welcome to Baguio!

We arrived in Baguio past 1 AM of December 23 which was the early hours of Ma’s birthday! Happy birthday Ma! This was taken at the Victory Liner terminal in Baguio. As we alighted the bus, we were greeted by very strong winds of less than 17 degrees Celsius! Fun right? We immediately booked our tickets for Manila for the 26th and then we looked for a taxi to go to our guesthouse.

But, before that, we first drank strawberry taho! It was very fitting for the cold weather. The warmth and sweetness of the drink kept us awake. We did have trouble locating our guesthouse at first but it wasn’t before long that we found it. We waited for a bit of a time before the second group arrived. They were driving by car and it was noisy as the kids entered the house. Since it was very early, 3 AM, we had a bit of a time to sleep before going out for the day’s activities.

The first agenda of the day was Camp John Hay. It was fun walking through the trees and slopes with the kids. And since it was almost lunch time, we first decided to take brunch at the nearby Shakey’s. And once the kids are fed, we are able to continue on with the tour.

The children enjoying Camp John Hay.

We went through the Historical Core of Camp John Hay. However, the amphitheater was not available due to a wedding and so was the Bell House, because of a Christmas party. Still they were available for photo opportunities on the outside.

The parents at the Bell House.

Me and my siblings.

I was also able to explore the Secret Garden which I was not able to see the last time I was here. It was cool even if it was in the middle of the day. The trees helped. The weather helped. Then we were off to Burnham Park for some old school bike riding! I remember that we did this when we were kids, not in Baguio though. And it was fun to do it again with them.


While we willed away the time, I was surprised that I wasn’t sweating. That’s Baguio weather for you. However, we had to find the time to do the grocery for our Noche Buena and look for a place where we can spend Ma’s birthday dinner. We initially thought of Oh My Gulay along Session Road. It was perfect. Although, it didn’t have any visible protein in meats so we were worried what the kids might it. And, finally decided that it wasn’t the best time to have them eat at the said restaurant.

We decided on Ocha, though. It has a lot of vegetables in its menu and it’s a fusion of many Asian flavors. So, it was definitely a good choice. We then went to the Baguio Cathedral or the Shrine of Our Lady of Atonement for Ma’s birthday mass.

Attending mass for Ma's birthday.

And then off to dinner. It was super! The food was great and the service was fast too! I had a lot good memories with the food in the place. We did have food from different parts of Asia like Thailand (tom yum, bagoong rice), Indonesia (laksa), Korea (japchae), and China (sweet and sour pork). I don’t remember the other items that we ate.

Birthday dinner!

Since it was still early, we decided to drop by the night market. And by that, we were still early for the night market. We decided to drop by the public market to probably buy the souvenirs we will bring home. And we did shop. Well, my sister did. Her items needed to be put in a box so she could carry them. When we came back to the night market, the place was full of people. With the lack of sleep and exhaustion from walking the whole day, we decided to call it a night.

Baguio night market.

And that’s Day 1 for us.



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