A Part of Something Big

When I was looking for a job, that was one of my reasons for selecting a certain position. I always said that I wanted to be part of something big, something that greatly contributes to the company, something that reaches out and influences a lot of people.

Right now, I was on the verge of looking for another job. But then again, certain work and life events have led me to a new decision. I will be seeing this through.

I was transferred to another unit. From just doing business process improvements, I am now part of the team that handles the continuity of the company’s processes in the case of a disaster. It’s Business Continuity Management. That is a large part of a company’s growth and sustainability. In other words, a lot of pressure is given on us to ensure that when disaster or business disruption strikes, the employees know what to do. Not only that, we are expected to test how easy when can bring the system back up whenever it is down. You see, my job now may not be totally different but it does merit a bigger meaning to the bank, its clients, and the other stakeholders.

Is that something big? I think so.

Plus, we had a pre-planning session last Wednesday and we took a test that identifies what motivates or what makes us stay in a company. My answers resulted to what they called “Pure Challenge”. What this means is that when I still have challenges to conquer or I’m given tough problems, it makes me stay. That also means that I get bored with monotonous work.

Is my new line of work a challenge? Definitely.

And last but not the list, I have received excellent news from my boss. The higher management are willing to spend money for our training to be BCM professionals. Well that’s a good thing because we can’t do our jobs right if we’re not trained for the job. While it is true that some things are a bit on the common sense side, we still have to consider the more technical aspects of the job. This is not just a simple workshop. There will be a lot of modules and a certificate in the end. That sounds like another skill in my resume. If we are able to finish these modules, we’ll definitely get salary increases for it.

I just hope we get to where we want to be. As for me, I’ll do my damn best to get there.


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