Romantic Comedy: The First Shop of Coffee Prince

credit to the owner of the photo

I’ve been swooning for more than a month now and this is the reason. My colleague asked if I could get her a copy of this series and I obliged. Since I made an effort to get my hands on this, I also watched the series. I have not stopped since then.

The Coffee Prince was already shown in the Philippine before and I was just brushing it aside. I thought that it would just be one of those Korean television shows. There will be nothing special and nothing unique about it. Oh, how wrong I was. There was definitely something special about it.

Gong Yoo

He is what’s special about the show. Gong Yoo plays the role of Choi Han Kyul. He is the only son of a wealthy Korean family who owns a food conglomerate. He is seen as the irresponsible type who doesn’t think of anything but fun and games.

And, as every Korean drama goes, there will always be the leading lady who opposes the personality of the lead actor. And that actress is Yoon Eun Hye who plays Go Eun Chan. If you’re familiar with her work, she’s also the star of Goong or Princess Hours. I watched that show and was a fan of hers. But, here, you’d see her all grown up and was ready to take on a bigger role.

The main twist of the story? Han Kyul does not know Eun Chan’s gender. Despite all of the situations they’ve been in, Han Kyul does not have any idea and that is what I liked about the show. Here, you can see how Han Kyul was so confused about his sexuality and then, finally, gives in because he believes in love.

You see, there are still people who are like that. They sacrifice and give up everything to the one they love.

Han Kyul became the ideal man. He was suddenly put up in the pedestal given to people who are just perfect in every way. But, didn’t Eun Chan think that his lover has homosexual tendencies?

Coffee Prince was a big emotional roller coaster for me. Every episode has its ups and downs and they are not small fluctuations of emotion. I cry and I giggle in one episode alone. I get emotionally invested and I think I am in love with Choi Han Kyul.

The show is definitely on my list and will be a default show for when I need something to pick me up from a small depression. Yes, even the emotionally tearing parts can become therapy because you know that they really love each other.

And, when I come to Korea, I’d definitely look for the shop where filming took place. I’m hearing that it is still operational and can be found in the Hongdae area. And, I hope to find Choi Han Kyul waiting to serve me my cup of coffee.


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