Go Hard Baguio: Ghost Hunting Day 2.5

Today is our last day and I wanted to try something so bad – eat at Cafe by the Ruins. I have been hearing that it’s good and the ambiance is different. The ruins are just part of the restaurant.

I can't see the ruins.

It was a point of just going there for the experience. The food was great and we were happy that there aren’t a lot of people even if it was a Sunday morning. I can’t believe that we’re almost at the end of our journey.

Due to the good finds at the last night market, we wanted to scour the tiangge for whatever more we could find. We weren’t actually looking for anything in particular. Just, maybe, something that will catch my attention. It was also time for us to go to the market to buy our take-away like alfajor which is probably one of the reasons why I’m so keen of going to Baguio.

It was also time to go home. And I’m happy I came here with my friends. It was long ago since I went here and a lot did change. I had a happy time and I hope that I can experience another travel date with my friends.

Our bus was scheduled to leave for Manila at 2:20 PM. It was on time and I can’t believe I’m leaving another part of me behind.


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