American: 50’s Diner

Old school!

50’s Diner is a good old American diner on 92 Upper General Luna Road in Baguio City. It’s near Teacher’s Camp and you can easily see it through it’s pink and big sign. It isn’t a big place so when we arrived, we had to wait in line. We’re sixth but it didn’t take long until we were seated. I said that it wasn’t long because I was hungry at that time and prolonging dinner would just merit complaints from my part.

I was initially looking at burgers because this is an American diner. I presume that they’d be serving mean burgers. Actually, the chili burger caught my eye. However, I’d hate to compare with my good experience at Canto the night before. So, I scoured the menu for a better meal and I found pasta and garlic shrimp. Also, the milkshake that will bring the boys to the yard.

Just like in movies!

I was happy because it really looked like the diners I see on TV shows and movies – complete with booths and counter top dining! I wanted to dine on the counter but my friends wanted to be seated on the booth. Well, I did agree with the logic that we are a group.

It also didn’t take long before they served our order. To my surprise, my strawberry milkshake was already on the table when we were seated. Good service!

Very big serving!

Part of the pasta meal was a large piece of garlic bread. Yes! The pasta is carbonara and the pieces of shrimp are really big. They are like prawns already! So, the price of the meal was totally worth it. I must admit that they have big servings! For people who eat like me, this is big. And affordable too.

If ever I come back to Baguio, I will try the other items on their menu. I suggest that you try it too!


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