H&M Fever

A lot of international brands are coming into the Philippine fashion scene as of late. It started with Cotton On, Uniqlo, Forever 21, Basic House, and now H&M is currently in the market.

I must admit, I am a sucker for these clothing lines’ items. Not only are they unique, they also have good quality and a good fit for my body type. It also has a sense that if you’re spending money on clothes, you make sure that the brand is recognizable. You don’t buy expensive items that look very generic and can be seen even in the smallest clothing stores.

Having said that, I am in love with H&M’s jackets, hoodies, and cardigans. They are very aesthetically pleasing, made of good material, and it looks good (on me). I love how they feel in my skin. I love how they make me feel comfortable. I think that they will be a big use for me when I go to Korea. When we visited the store last Saturday, I was dumbfounded. There are a lot of items that I want to buy. I will buy them one by one. I promise you that.

A brand new jacket.



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