Last Saturday, I had to fly to Cebu for Sunday overtime work. However, I was trying to be a martyr so I said that I’ll be available to facilitate a class until lunch time. My flight to Cebu is timed at 4:05 PM. If I was in my natural self, I’d leave at around 1 PM just to make sure that I have time to get to the airport. I strongly believe that it’s better to be bored in the airport than be hassled on the way there.

I was enjoying myself teaching the class that I didn’t notice that it was already 2:30 PM. I thought that I shouldn’t worry since Ortigas is close to Pasay where the airport is located. Waze said that it will only take me 43 minutes from the office to the airport. That will give me enough time to enter the airport and go to the check in counter. I have checked in via web just in case, the day before.

I was relieved to know that it was just 20 minutes from the office to Resorts World in front of Terminal 3. It should be just a while until I arrive at Terminal 2. However, that is not the case. There was a collision and it was rush hour on a Saturday. They said that traffic is very heavy at that area lately because of the construction of the skyway. Add to that the traffic brought about by the collision of two vehicles. It was stand still for quite some time.

I checked my phone for the time and found out that it was 3:30 PM. Boarding has started on my flight. I was in a mode of panic and I tried to tweet the airline that I am stuck in traffic and if they could accommodate me in the next flight if ever I miss the flight. We didn’t move for about 5 more minutes and it was the bad sort of panic. There was another type of panic, too. I don’t think I have the capacity to pay the rebooking fee, if ever. That’s not the end of it because there’s also a No Show Fee and the difference between the ticket I’m holding and the

The speed increased as we make our way past the rotunda that was already 3:45 PM. And, as we passed Terminal 4, the traffic became a lot more light. I asked the taxi to speed up and I’ll add to the fare if he does. We did and I was at the entrance of Terminal 2 by 3:50 PM.

I ran fast to the check in counter and asked the person if I could still get on the flight. She asked if I have checked in baggage, none, and if I checked in via the web, yes. Fortunately for me, those were the right answers and the flight is a bit delayed. I was checking too that the earlier flight was delayed so I was hoping that it will have a snowball effect. Not to hurt their efficiency but for me to get on the flight. I did make it. And just in time too. As I enter the boarding gates, they were shouting my name for the last call of the remaining passengers.


Never again will that happen. It was a perfect The Amazing Race moment. It was much better than the previous one because I still have enough time then. I would still make it no matter what happened. This was a bit more due to circumstance and luck. Had they been on time, the boarding gate will be closed just as soon as I got into the airport.

The next time, I will leave 4 hours before the flight. I have my books with me so I will have something to do to kill time.

Ticket to Cebu.


One thought on “Almost

  1. That was so lucky of you! I myself easily panic so I usually go to the airport a couple of hours (at least) before my flight.

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