The Road to the Birthday

Last October 3, I didn’t want to play volleyball because (1) one of my good friends decided not to play and (2) it was raining hard and I didn’t want to be caught in it. But, when I dropped by the local 7-11 store to buy something for dessert, I met one of my close friends there. That made me realize how much I miss these friends and that I need to see them soon. We made plans that he’d pick me up, I’d go with him to buy some new shoes, and we’ll go to the game.

He did pick me up and we were riding around town looking for relatively cheap volleyball shoes. But we weren’t to find any and I craved for Starbucks. I can’t even remember the last time I had one. So we dropped by the nearest one and I ordered my regular Green Tea Frappe. I put in a 500-peso credit to my Starbucks card and I don’t know why. Also, I haven’t claimed my free cake yet because I don’t think I’d need one. As if that 500 pesos expense is not enough, we decided to drive through McDonald’s for dinner. They were even insinuating that we eat at Gilligan’s but it was already almost 10 PM and we still have a game to go to.

I think I had the effects of not playing volleyball regularly. My reception was faulty! And so was my attacking when I am in the middle. However, when I was in my natural position, the opposite, I was unstoppable in attacks. And that was all she wrote. I did enjoy the day because I was with my friends.

After the game, we all wanted to sleep and they needed to because they still have a league to participate in in the afternoon. It was already 5 AM then. However, they insisted that we take a bit of breakfast in the area most accessible to us. Katipunan! We ate at Shakey’s (and, yes, the expenses kept pouring in). I got myself into treating them all with a pizza and we all ordered our individual pasta plates.

Happy birthday to me then! 🙂

After that, we dropped off my friends one by one. As we were nearing our last destination, one funny thing happened. We got into an accident with a tricycle. It wasn’t a big one. My friend just wasn’t so fast on hitting that brake pedal. In the end, the car pushed the tricycle driver for quite a length of the road. It wasn’t supposed to be a big commotion but as Filipinos are the most emotional people in the world, it did. We tried to sort it out without anyone going to the local government. We just said that we’d pay for whatever it is that needed fixing (which I doubt that there is much). And people just love the drama. They even want us to write a letter saying that we’ll pay for everything even though we said that we’d go with him to any service shop to have his vehicle checked.

I was positive I said, “what a wonderful day”.

I know that there are some aspects of the day that aren’t so wonderful but it is such a different experience from what I’ve had so far that I thought it was. Anyway, we ended up going home at around 10 AM. Despite being awake for more than 24 hours now, I decided to just clean my room because all of the drowsiness left my body just as we were nearing the accident.

It was indeed a different day. If these unexpected things happened as an omen of what transpires in my 27th year, then I’d gladly welcome it. I’m officially 26, baby.


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