The Good Samaritan

Most of us heard the story of the good Samaritan who helped a homeless guy he found on the street. Let’s just say that he’s the epitome of a good human. Today, I experienced something related to that situation.

The annual UAAP Cheerdance Competition (CDC) is just 4 days away and tickets are really hard to come by. Look at it this way, there are 8 schools and thousands of students. You add to that thousands more alumni who experienced the thrill of the CDC at least once in their student lives. We, the students of the UAAP school, feel so much school spirit and competition on that day. The demand for tickets is just overwhelming and not everyone can be accommodated.

That’s where the desperation comes in. Being an employed person, I don’t have the luxury to fall in line for tickets. I am also not that well-known to have connections with people who have access to said tickets. Normally, I’d just rely on (1) my friends who are still students of UAAP schools, (2) my colleagues who have siblings still studying at UAAP schools, and (3) scalpers.

Just last night, I posted a desperate status in FaceBook asking for people who would be willing to sell me their tickets. This is a long shot but I thought I’d try. This afternoon, a friend talked to me about a prospective scalper who sells a PHP 100 ticket for PHP 750. What a big rise in the price! This is actually a seller’s market so being choosy won’t bring you any luck.

While we were negotiating with the person, asking to bring the price down to PHP 600, I received a message on FaceBook. It’s from a friend that I don’t talk to often. He asked if I still needed tickets. I said, yes and he instructed me to claim tickets he reserved at Araneta before 7 PM. I was happy but I was also thinking twice. I was doubting him because I don’t think that Araneta will allow such reservations. While we were talking on FaceBook, I was calling TicketNet on the side just to make sure. And, lo and behold, it’s true! They told me that I should claim and pay for it before 7 PM unless it will be invalid.

YES! I suddenly have a ticket to one big event!

I am so happy. Thank you to that good Samaritan. We don’t talk often. We are even supporting rival teams. To let me have these tickets is such a big gesture. And to think that he didn’t even think of adding a little something to the price is just so noble of him.

Faith in humanity is restored.


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