It is part of my job to design, develop, and document the company’s processes. And part of that documentation is to identify which units becomes the owner of the said process. Normally, it will be the process owners who are generally the ones who do the process itself. Lately, I hit a bump in the road. They do not want ownership of the document despite the fact that the process is their responsibility to both the bank and the country.

They said they want the compliance group to do it. But, compliance is existing just because we need to update them when new regulations are approved They do not know of the process in detail.

However, it just struck me as something that we could apply to life.

How can we not want to take ownership of the stuff that we do? We are, after all, the one who did those things. Why do we need to transfer the responsibility to other people who do not eve know how things happen? We can’t we be accountable for our actions, may they be good or bad?

It is just sad to think that the ones responsible won’t step up to the plate and own up?

Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we all know what we should do and we do them with all the heart? Even if our heart is not in their rightful place, it will still be a lot better instead of pointing fingers. That way, no job will ever be done.

I hope that we get to clean up this mess and that the right person owns up to his responsibility. Without ownership, there will only be chaos – something that we don’t really want happening in a company.


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