Thai: The Thai Kitchen

The Thai Kitchen in Robinson’s Galleria can be found in the Ground Floor. It is a small quaint place and you wouldn’t think of it as a buffet initially. You’d think that it was just a normal restaurant of pink decor and theme.

It has a small space and the buffet items are located at the right side of the store. The tables look nice but the seats, for me,  were a bit short. My knees almost touch the to of the tables. Also, you get a free glass of iced tea when you come in for the buffet.


The first disappointing thing was that tom yum was missing. How could a Thai restaurant forget to put it to the menu. They said that they replaced it with chicken broth soup. If that’s the case, tom yum would wait until I reach Bangkok. I am afraid, though, so I guess it was just okay with me.

They do have a lot of choices for viands. And since it was a Friday, I forbid myself from eating the ones with meat. Props to them for having a lot of seafood in their menu.

Fried calamari

My favorite of all them is the fried calamari. It has a lemony taste with it. The squid are just of perfect tenderness and not rubbery. There were also small shrimps fried with batter. It would have been enjoyable except that the small hard parts of the shrimp will pinch the insides of your mouth. There are a lot of viands that I also liked, the fried crablets and the mussels in curry. There was the satay but since it is chicken, I could not eat it.

One of the best things about this buffet is the bagoong rice. I could not get enough of it! It was perfect and, possibly, the best bagoong rice I have ever tasted.

Dessert area

I was a bit sad for the desserts. It was just fruits and something made of sticky rice. There was also the coffee dessert where you will put shaved ice. I wanted more desserts that are uniquely Thai.

Although the dessert was a bit of a letdown, I would rate my experience with The Thai Kitchen as 3 out of 5. That is considering that we didn’t taste the meat dishes. The place is worth coming back to and for just PHP 275 you get your money’s worth.



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