The Tryouts

We arrived at the Meralco Gym early. 7:30 PM early.

I was excited because (1) it is volleyball, (2) it is practically a tryout, and (3) we have a professional who will help us with the tryouts.

I am surprised by the turnout. I did not imagine the company having this number of people interested in the sport. Also, that there are more men than women who showed up.

First, we were asked to jog and stretch. Sir ordered me to lead the jogging and the stretching. I already forgot how to do these things. The last one was with Eng’g Var and that was almost four years ago. I tried to remember all the stretching exercises to make them know that I don’t back down from any challenge.

Next, we were given receiving and setting. This one was a bit of an easy task for me. I really don’t have problem with defense and the basic setting. Setting during the game is another level altogether.

Next, we were given exercises on spiking. The first drill was to receive the ball coming from the other side of the court and then attacking from the left-hand side. It was a tough adjustment for me given that I was a lefty. Although, I tried to maintain composure. After rounds of that, the next drill was attacking three balls from the left-hand side one after the other. I think I did a lot better in this exercise. The third one was a quick hit in the middle, back pedal, and then an attack on the left-hand side.  I did poorly on this exercise because I was a bit rattled. The fourth one was attacks from the back-row. I did not have any problem with this. I experimented, too, by trying to bring the ball to the left which is hard for a lefty to do.

Next, we were assigned into teams and we played each other. I feel like I did have leadership potential because I was telling me teammates what to do. Some of them are lost and we were only able to put our bearings together when I talked about how we played. At first, I was quiet because I was trying to know if some of them are going to speak up.

Lastly, Sir created a men’s team and had us play and he brings the ball from the other side. It was really an exhausting drill because it took him a long time to rotate us. Although, I was happy because I did not felt this way for a long time. I am really looking forward to play with this team.

After the drills, it was time to decide who gets into the roster. While the others were playing, I was observing. And some of the people on the Deciding Committee also noticed the people I noticed. With the team selection, I think that we could win this thing although we don’t really know the level of competition. You just have that instinct. No member of the team is really a filler. We have a great setter and women who can attack. We have strong men. The only problem is teaching them how to attack from the back.

Let the tournament begin. We will take this by storm.


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