A House and Two Birthdays

One thing I like about this family is its celebrations. Today was the birthday of my cousin and my grandfather. So,  naturally, there will be food. Lots of it.

Happy Birthday Salve!

When there are celebrations, we almost always have the whole Contreras clan in the house.

Hello, kids!

And with every celebration, there is food!

Luckily for me the food for today’s celebration has no meat because yesterday was supposed to be a no meat day. We only have seafood. We had squid paella, lasagna cups, grilled tanigue, ceviche, and a fish salad. Thank you, universe for conspiring for me.

That was lunch. But we don’t only end in lunch because we have mid-afternoon snacks too.

Halo-halo for the summer!

In the end, it was just a very long day for eating!

Salve’s gift from our uncle in the States.

It was an enjoyable day even if I didn’t have enough sleep to go full blast. I enjoyed the day with my cousins and food.




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