Historical Drama: Lee Daniel’s The Butler

Lee Daniel’s The Butler

Lee Daniel’s The Butler follows the story of Cecil Gaines and his 30 year tenure at the White House as a butler. He was able to witness some of the greatest moments in America’s history especially during the Civil Rights era.

I must admit that I am not at all familiar with what happened during that time in America. I knew that there was racism but I never knew that it was that intense, that establishments prepared areas where the colored people will sit and order. Or that schools prohibit the mingling of blacks and whites. It was a lighter form of slavery. And to every issue of a state and it’s government, there are always more than one perspective. Cecil had the guts to believe that the government will eventually solve the problem while his son, Louis, think that a revolution was necessary.

There was a clash until Cecil had his eyes opened when the people in the government he believed in used the same reasons against him.

It was actually a relatively quiet film despite it being about an impending revolution. Forest Whitaker gave a very good performance for someone who hopes of a better life in the future. The supporting cast also did not disappoint and they gave justice to the portrayal of iconic characters in the history of the USA.

Despite the fact that this is a historical drama about a butler in the White House, it was never dull. It was also informative to those who aren’t familiar with the landscape of the time.



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