Romantic Drama: About Time

About Time

About Time is a story about Tim and his ability to travel back in time. When he was 21, he learned of this ability from his father which he immediately put into use by going back to their New Year’s Eve party to kiss a girl. You see, Tim is a very shy but romantic human being. So, this is where the movie’s plot revolves around.

The storytelling is good. I didn’t by, any chance, got confused despite all of the time traveling Tim did. Also, it was as straightforward as it gets. What was lacking for me, maybe, was the emotional attachment to the characters. I wasn’t so engrossed with their feelings and that made it hard for me to connect with the movie. I do see the struggle but I cannot feel the pain or the joy. I see the awkwardness but I do not feel the anxiety that comes with it.

It was a nice movie and it teaches us about living in what we call the present. There is no other way around it. The sight of Cornwall was also stunning. And lastly, why is Rachel McAdams a magnet of time traveling boys?


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