Interview IV

I was so begging them to consider me last week. I got a message from them last Friday and asked me to come in between 6 and 7:30 PM. I was relieved. I did not want to take another leave. That will be a giveaway to what I have been up to lately.

So, I went to MOA after work. I rode with Cathy because she takes that route going home. I arrived a little before 7 and there were still people being interviewed. I waited until 7:30 until it was my time.

The HR Manager seemed nice but stern. She asked me questions but they were not really tough ones. Was she going to determine who of us three will get the two slots? That will be heartbreaking for the one who did not get it. I think that she will check who can be covered by the budget and who are worth that kind of budget.

I do hope it is me. Although I was thinking of how my life will change if ever get hired for the job. I was at a crossroad. I do hope that they have good compensation and benefits. I hope that they will give what I am asking for.

When I am offered the job, I have to think really hard about it. If not, I would be sad because of all the effort I wen through but I will definitely not be devastated.


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