Interview III

I was messages yesterday that i need to report to the office because I was supposed ti be interviewed by the senior manager. I tried to get out of it because I have meetings to attend to but the HR personnel said that the next interview will be scheduled next week and they want to close the position by today.

I had no choice. They asked me to go there by 1:30 PM so I decided to take a leave from work. However, in the morning, the HR personnel said that The appointment is moved to 4 PM. That sucks. I should have taken a half-day leave instead of a full one.

I took my time in going to the office. When I got there, I didn’t realize that they will make us wait! I was interview at around 6 PM. I was just waiting there for 2 hours. Anyway, but what is 2 hours when it comes to a new working opportunity.

The manager was strict. I can feel it. Although he did have a smiley personality, he was different work-wise. I had a hard time in the interview and I really think that I just got through by the skin of my teeth.

I do hope that they call me for a job offer. There were 6 of us and there are only 2 vacant positions. I hope that i get to be one of those two.


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