Interview II

Last Wednesday night, someone from the previous interview told me that I qualified and that I am invited for an interview with my supposed senior manager. I was surprised because I am honest when I say that I did horrible with the proficiency exam. However, I had meetings scheduled that Thursday and I had to beg off and ask for another available schedule. Today was that day. And opportunity is really opening doors for me so there is no way but enter.

I left the house earlier because I really want to avoid the hell of riding the MRT. When I arrived, though, they were not allowing people to go into the platform. There must be a lot of passengers on the platform still. I’m screwed, I thought. However, just minutes after, they allowed us to go to the platform. It was a relatively easier ride for me and I arrived almost 1.5 hours earlier. I decided to go to McDonald’s and eat breakfast. That could have brought me to a good mood.

As opposed to last time, I didn’t have to wait long before my name was called out. Also, in contrast to last time, the senior manager was perky and lively. He tried to relieve my nervousness. Well it was helpful. Also, as opposed to last time, I had an easier time answering the questions. No stuttering and no aaaahs. I felt good about the interview.

And I really think that it translated to the senior manager because he was quite frank that he’s open to hiring me and he’s endorsing me to the executive and Human Resources manager for a possible job offer. That made me excited! He was so positive about me joining the team. He said that he was afraid that my current company will give a counter-offer and give me a higher salary. I highly doubt that. I am not a favorite and they’d be willing to let me go.

That concluded the interview. It wasn’t long because I think that he already made up his mind the moment the interview started. They said that I await a call from Human Resources for the next interview. That will be one-day with two people talking to me. That sounds nice and looks promising.

The door is open and one foot is already inside the room.


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